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I want to know weather or not if a pokemon is ev trained using an exp share & finishes at lv 40, will the effects on stats be + however it should be or will there be some points taken off.

i have fully ev trained pokemon by lvl.9 before(a bagon)

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It would be exactly the same, even If you train with the Exp Share or the Power Items. You might not get a large boost like you do with the Power Items, but it will be the same once you reach LV 100.

Not quite what I was looking for but still useful. I was thinking more about the lv 40 thing, will it still have as many bonuses on a stat as a pokemon who finished ev training at lv 10
Yes, but as I said, it will result in the same thing once they reach LV 100
To answer that Victini, of course a Lv 40 will have more 'stat bonuses' as one that is Lv 10!
The Pokemon receives EVs as it levels up, because the game spreads the gain of EVs throughout levels.
(And obviously a Lv 40 will have higher stats than a Lv 10)
Yeah I know but I was sort of getting worried, my dewott is lv 23 or so & isn't finished ev training.
I finally understood yesterday!!!! :P