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I'm using a Gallade right now to try and catch an Adamant nature Absol so that I can breed it for a shiny. But they can only be found during a snowstorm. So I taught my Gallade Rain Dance to get rid of the hail in battle, and Sunny Day in case I run out of Rain Dances since some Absol have the ability, Pressure (which makes all my moves cost 2 PP instead of 1 in case you didn't know). So if I used Sunny Day, at night, would the dusk ball still receive the multiplier as long as it's at night, or will Sunny Day make the odds the same as a Pokeball?

I know this sounds kind of confusing, but basically: Would the dusk ball still have the 3.5x(I think) boost at night, even if I use Sunny Day?

This is for Pokemon Sword and Shield by the way.

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I think it would be the same since sunny day changes the weather and not day/night but maybe there’s a hidden mechanic I don’t know about.

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I researched for a while and I noticed that the dusk ball capture rate is not affected at all by the harsh sunlight, and even the extremely harsh sunlight

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Ok thank you!
Glad to help!!