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I'm wondering because If it does I have a strategy.

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Out of curiosity, what was your strategy in depth? besides the idea of an easy burn on the foe.
Sunny day then a move that burns the foe and then Rain dance and then Sandstorm

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Nope, it does not increase the chance of burn. If you want to burn, use Will-o-wisp or Lava Plume.

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No it doesn't. here's what it does:

Fire Type move's Base Power is increased by 50%
Water Type move's Base Power is decreased by 50%
Solar Beam does not require charging
Thunder's accuracy is reduced to 50%
Synthesis. Morning Sun & Moonlight recover 100% of user's HP
Pokémon with the Chlorophyll Ability have their Speed raised
Pokémon with the Dry Skin Ability received double damage from Fire attacks and loses HP each turn
Cherrim's Flower Gift Ability increases it's Attack & Special Attack and changes it's form
Pokémon with the Leaf Guard Ability are protected from status afflictions
Pokémon with the Solar Power Ability have their Special Attack raised but HP lowered
Castform transforms into a Fire type Pokémon
The attack Weather Ball's Power doubles and becomes Fire Type

Nope, nor does hold down left clicker and highlight, then right click and copy.
I talked to Serebii about his site once, and he told me that he has right-click protection on his site, but Ctrl + C should still work fine.
There is also protection against selecting text as well so I don't know how DT did it (maybe Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C). Personally I think it's very misguided, people will always want to copy bits of text for personal use, plus you can get round the protection if you disable Javascript. Also some browsers ignore the selection thing and let you highlight text.

Also, in general I'd prefer it if people wrote answers in their own words. This one is fine though because it's hard to rewrite any of that into different words.
Serebii is an actual person? Tried to copy with Cntrl A and C but didn't work.
The owner of serebii.net goes by the name "Serebii" in his posts on the site and forum. His real name is Joe.