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By BST please. I'm pretty sure the strongest legendary is Eternatus, so I don't need that.

Sorry I wasn't able to find a serebii, but I still put the link in case anyone else wanted to fact check me.
Is this allowed? It's not that hard to find the first mythical Pokemon when sorting by BST

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Well, let's see.

The strongest mythical Pokemon is Arceus, with a base stat total of 720. All Pseudo-Legendaries have the same base stat total. The strongest legendary (non mega) is Zamazenta and Zacian Crowned, if you don't count em, then you have Zygarde complete, and if you don't count them, you have kyurem-w and kyurem-b.


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There ya go
Also, I didn't know that it was unobtainable, is it just Eternamaxed in the encounter? Or was it an event?
'tis unobtainable in normal game play, so yeah, it's only Eternamaxed in the encounter :)
"Also, I'll give you an upvote if you can tell me just what exactly a pseudo legendary is."

Are you... bribing him o.o Upvotes should be given according to content lol
No, it was part of another question that was similar, I said, in this q:https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/385173/who-is-the-weakest-legendary-and-mythical
"also, is a pseudo-legendary a non-legendary that has high enough stats to be a legendary, but isn't, I've never fully knew what that is." I just never got that answered on the other one.