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How do I unlock Manaphy in the first pokemon ranger?

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  1. Complete the game and access the Ranger Net
  2. You will then see on your bottom screen "Play a special mission"
  3. On that same screen your going to press the right trigger(R), X, and left on the D-pad simultaneously(at the same time)
  4. You should now see a new choice called "Enter the password"
  5. For America / Canada / Australia it is P8M2–9D6F–43H7
    For Europe it is Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8
  6. You will then be assigned to the mission and after you complete it you will receive a Manaphy egg which you can then trade to a Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl game.
Once the egg in diamond or pearl where das it go?
You forgot that this mission isn't avaiable any more. But will be when Ranger 3 comes out (maybe for Rangers 1 & 2 too)
I have him. After Manaphy is there any more?
You can get any special mission on the first Pokemon Ranger, including the Manaphy mission. It's only Shadows of Almia and Guardian Signs that dont have the special missions any more.