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I don’t have Pokémon Sun/Moon or USUM


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I’m gonna post an answer for this, even though it’s my question, because I found a second way to get Alolan Raichu!!!


I guess you can get any Pokémon in the Sword/Shield Pokédex in dynamax adventures (excluding version exclusives)

Keep in mind that you need the expansion pass.

OK, and you can trade, but I can’t :(

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Currently, there is no way to repeatedly get an Alolan Raichu. You can get one in the Isle of Armor by returning 40 Digletts to the Diglett Master. There was an event for Alolan Raichu, but that is long over.

So, there is currently no way to get Alolan Raichu repeatedly without trading through Gen 7.
Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/switch/259372-pokemon-sword/answers/584758-how-can-i-find-alolan-raichu

And Let’s Go.