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Sure, it floats. But so does darkrai and it doesn't have psychic type or levitate. Why didnot they make it like electric fairy instead?

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7uWnEvHXyhc This is a really interesting video, but it's just speculation.
It's because the fairy type is bad.

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Alolan Raichu's Moon Dex entry:

It uses psychokinesis to control electricity. It hops aboard its own tail, using psychic power to lift the tail and move about while riding it.

Its Ultra Sun entry:

It focuses psychic energy into its tail and rides it like it’s surfing. Another name for this Pokémon is “hodad.”

Its Shield entry:

This Pokémon rides on its tail while it uses its psychic powers to levitate. It attacks with star-shaped thunderbolts.


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I guess that makes sense. On the other hand, that brings up another question. How can darkrai fly?
I don't know. Game Freak logic?