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Sure, it floats. But so does darkrai and it doesn't have psychic type or levitate. Why didnot they make it like electric fairy instead?

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7uWnEvHXyhc This is a really interesting video, but it's just speculation.
It's because the fairy type is bad.

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Alolan Raichu's Moon Dex entry:

It uses psychokinesis to control electricity. It hops aboard its own tail, using psychic power to lift the tail and move about while riding it.

Its Ultra Sun entry:

It focuses psychic energy into its tail and rides it like it’s surfing. Another name for this Pokémon is “hodad.”

Its Shield entry:

This Pokémon rides on its tail while it uses its psychic powers to levitate. It attacks with star-shaped thunderbolts.


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I guess that makes sense. On the other hand, that brings up another question. How can darkrai fly?
I don't know. Game Freak logic?
Okay Not everything is friggin Game Freak Logic, that's a BS Excuse, There are other Pokemon can float because they can, Darkrai Can float due to the fact it's almost the equivalent to the Boogieman and as for that, it's the unknown, either way,, Instead of jumping into conclusions, at least look it up WHY before doing so. Other than Game Freak Logic.