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how can I transfer my pokemon to HG from pokemon black?? i reallyyyy want to get my mudkip over!


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Pokémon can only be transferred one way, unfortunately. Which pretty much means that it's a one way ticket from HeartGold to Black. Don't feel too bad, you're not the only one. I wish that I hadn't transferred some of my best Pokemon to my White from HeartGold and Pearl. Now I'm probably going to end up dying in a lot of high level battles!

Tranfer all and start over - you may have more legendaries then ;)
BTW, you have opposite games than I do; Diamond, SoulSilver and White :D
hey, i also have diamond, soulsilver and white...
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Simple - you cannot

aww dam! :( but thanks anyways :)
Love your answer XD
Short, sweet, and to the point. Sounds good. Now I wish I didn't put such a huge answer on!
I love my answer too, thanks, PB10 :D
Austin: But you got up-vote ;)
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Unfortunately, you can't. They are different generation games and pokemon can only be migrated one way, to the next highest generation. Like the gen 4 games can be traded amongst other gen 4 games but can be migrated only to 5 gen games.

Hope this helps =)