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I got the game yesterday, and so far, it's just one mandatory mission after another, the game is awesome, but, I heard a lot about the funny and awesome side quests that really make it super fun, and I don't know how to trigger those, becuase everytime it's just DO THIS MISSION NOW! type thing, and I can't really explore or do side quests. Can someone explain or tell me when I would have the chance to do some, and also it'd be helpful if you could have a link of some sort, or list of all the sidequests, and if you get any reward at the end(such as a new partner Pokemon), or if the quest is no longer available at a point in the story, and when those quests become available. Thanks!

Players can only do one quest at a time and must cancel, or complete, the current quest before starting a new one. Most quests also have prerequisites that have to be fulfilled before they become available. This might be the answer, if you want this to be the answer, I would gladly revert it, but I don't think this answer is right.
Are you playing the original or the others?
Which ranger are you playing? I have two of three, and from my experience I could just, do missions whenever wherever
Sorry, I am playing the original, and PK, in response to your first comment, I know you can't do more than one, I'm saying that right after each one I do that's part of the story ends, another one begins right away, so I can't do any side quests. Unless these are the side quests, but I don't think they are, since there's storyline encounters(ei, encountering a character from the main story).

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A Quest is an optional mission in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Since they are only in Almia and Signs, you can't do them.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Ranger_Quest

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If this isn't what you wanted I would be glad to hide it.
Do you know what a sidequest is? It's like a mini story/adventure that's not part of the main story, not literal quests, unless of course, they group all the sidequests into a group called Quests, which I don't think they would do that, but if they did, sorry for the trouble.
It did say optional, so yeah. Also, I think the grouped all sidequests lol.
Oh, woops, I guess they did, ah well, the game's still fun... BA