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I'm having a tough time with it, and they just won't die, any suggestions?(such as a good poke defense, forgot what they're called.)

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Wait a minute, I was being so stupid, it does work to use Drowsy, all I have to do is stop going when the Grimer's die, because they have 4 hp and Muk has 9.
PK, reshow it, it did work, I mean I haven't succeeded yet but... I got really close.
Ok, I reshowed it.

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To give you an easier time on this fight, you can capture the Drowzee that appears a bit before this battle and use its Assist, as the Psychic Assist levitates the Pokémon in the air for a little while allowing for a much easier capture.
Source: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Pokémon_Ranger/Grimer_Outbreak

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Thanks, I beat that Muk finally!
No problem!