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So I was thinking about my original Pokemon ranger and the final bosses. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei. and....rayquaza? I thought I remembered facing a rayquaza, but I wasn't sure. maybe I'm just remembering him in mystery dungeon, which is probably the case, but I could have sworn he was in the original Pokemon ranger too....or maybe I'm just misremembering. Is rayquaza in the original Pokemon ranger?


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The game begins with the player getting off of the boat in Fall City.
The player then meets Spenser, the Leader of the Ringtown Base.
Suddenly, the two hear commotion and find a Houndoom terrorizing a
Minun/Plusle (depending on the player's gender). To help calm the
Pokémon, Spenser gives the player a styler and demonstrates how to use
it. After the player successfully captures and calms down the
Minun/Plusle, Spenser makes the player a full-fledged ranger and flies
him, the player, and the stowaway Minun/Plusle to Ringtown on his
Fearow. After the player captures Kyogre and Groudon, there is a final
mission where the Go-Rock Squad has returned and has angered Rayquaza.
If the player is able to overcome the challenge of capturing Rayquaza,
then the player has completed the main game.

So yes, Rayquaza is in the original game


yep rayquaza in the original Ranger