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If you didn't know, because there have been remakes and stuff for games and generations, Pokemon has introduced logos that let you know what game/generation your Pokemon comes from. For example, Pokemon transferred from Gen 1 and 2 have a GameBoy logo, Pokemon transferred from Gen 6 have a pentagon, Pokemon transferred from Gen 7 have a star kinda looking thing, Pokemon transferred from LGPE have a little Eevee logo, and Pokemon transferred from Go have a Go logo.

This makes it so you can identify what game and generation any Pokemon is from, (except the difference between BW and B2W2.) So, say you have a Pokemon that says it originated from the Kanto region. Well, there are three iterations of Kanto. If it has a Game Boy logo, it comes from Gen 1, and if it has a Eevee logo it comes from LGPE. But if it doesn't have a logo, then it comes from FRLG.

I know from a YouTube video that I used for research this, any Pokemon transferred from XD: Gale of Darkness will have the National Ribbon in Swsh, giving it the title, The Triumphant. Is there any similar logo, ribbon, or "originated from the __ region" for Pokemon from any Ranger game?

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"Pokemon has introduced logos that let you know what game/generation your Pokemon comes from."
You mean origin marks? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Origin_mark

Apparently Pokemon from Gen 4 don't have origin marks, unless I missed something. As for the Ranger Pokemon, they seemed to have Classic Ribbons, at least they did when I checked here:
Yeah I know, Pokemon from gens 3-5 don't have logos
This shows that Pokemon from Ranger will say "Pokemon Ranger" as their origin location when transferred to a Gen 4 game, though I'm not sure if that's changed when they're transferred up to Gen 5 games.
Do you think it's safe to assume the Bulbapedia page has a full list of origin marks? Pokemon from the Ranger games can't possibly have any of the marks besides "no origin mark", so if that list is complete, then they must have no origin mark.

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All Pokemon transferred from Ranger games were met at a fateful encounter. Most of them have set trainer IDs. Some of them, like Deoxys, Manaphy, Darkrai, and Shaymin, are unobtainable in the core series games. Some of them know moves that they can't learn in the core series games, like eruption and aura sphere. All of the Pokemon from Guardian Signs have a classic ribbon.

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"All Pokemon transferred from Ranger games were met at a fateful encounter." If so why do all of the Trainer Memos in the source you have say Pokemon Ranger on them. What does that mean?
It means the Pokemon's summary says "Pokemon Ranger" instead of a location like Route 201.
Ok, that's what i thought. That would mean it wouldn't still be there in Gen V if you transferred it because it's a location, gotcha. Thanks!