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There is a Pokemon Game with Unova Pokemon
There is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game with Unova Pokemon
Will there be a Pokemon Ranger game with Unova Pokemon ?

Flag because there's no definite answer to this until Game Freak says it themselves.
VV, then thats the answer
He didnt even know gamefreak had announced it or not
As I said before, I love Pokemon Ranger games.I was just curious.I didn't break any rule and there is no reason for flagging my question.So please unflag it VV.

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We don't know. However, with the apparent 'big announcement' in January 8, there is a possibility this may happen; however, we can't guarantee that they will do this. Game Freak decide what is going to be released, and what their plans for the future are are things we don't know.

They may do so, however we can't guarantee it.

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ok.I just love Pokemon Ranger games,thanks a lot.
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