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I want to get a Drilbur for my W Nuzlocke, and I just realized they only appear in these spots, what do they look like so I can recognize them. Also, should I get a Roggenrola in Wellspring Cave, or go immediately for a Drilbur(Keep in mind, Drilbur's not the only Ground type before Elesa, Sandile is my temporary defense against her, until Chargestone, where I'll get a Drilbur most likely.)


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Rustling Grass:

Dust clouds:

Rippling Water:


To answer the second part of your question, Roggenrola requires trading to evolve into Gigaltih. Excadrill on the other hand is much easier to get and evolve from Drilbur, so that should be your choice.

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Okay, I'll get a Drilbur, and just deal with the Emolgas, plus it learns Rock Slide at 29, which is probably around the level I'll train them. So, Drilbur it is.
Happy to help!
One thing though, the images aren't working.
Really? The images are from Bulbapedia and seem to be working fine for me. Do you have Bulbapedia blocked or something?
Yes, on both computers, but the images should work on the answer right, I mean, you just copy pasted, right?
Yes, I copied the link that directly links to the image and pasted in my answer. I can see it though.
Oh, wait, I'm not talking about the website, I'm talking about what seems to be where a picture should be in the answer. It doesn't matter anyway, I found a picture on Serebii, thanks again.
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In caves, the equivalent of a shaking/bubbling spot is a dust cloud. In water, it looks like a splash or geyser of water. In grass, the grass is shaking.

Roggenrola isn't really that useful, as it can't evolve all the way to Gigalith without trading and doesn't have a very good move pool. Drilbur (eventually Excadrill) is pretty good with a solid attack stat and the great Steel typing, and if you can get an Intimidate Sandile that's great for nuzlockes as it greatly increases your likelihood of surviving hits.