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Long story short my Black2 save file got resetted because my little sister accidentally clicks on a button that SOMEHOW resets it. I don't really mind, and I'm currently trying to hunt for Drilbur in the Relic Passage to defeat Elesa again, but it is written that Drilburs only appear in shaking spots.

For the last 3 hours, I've been looking for shaking spots but I couldn't find any (and even if I do, it only contains shards and items. you name it), while in grass areas, it's frankly easy to find a shaking spot.

so are shaking spots really THAT HARD to find in caves or am I just frankly unlucky?

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Unlucky. I played white 2 recently and I frequently come across the dust clouds while walking in caves. It's just pure rng which means there is no way to guarantee it. You just have to keep walking around until one appears. This means that it is entirely possible for you to walk around inside a cave for five hours straight and somehow not find a dust cloud while the fact that you can sometimes get items from it only adds to the frustration. If you grow bored of not finding Drilbur, just close the game and try again later. It usually helps that way

So, short answer, you pissed off the rng gods somehow and that's why you're not finding Drilburs

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