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Question says it all. I want to find all the hidden items, but Route 9 is confusing me. This is LGPE by the way. Also I want photos of where they are so I can find them easily.

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Which game?
LGPE I forgot to put that XD
There's Kanto Route 9, one for Galar, Kalos, etc. which one are you asking about?
LGPE which is Kanto

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One Route 9 in LGPE, the items are:
5 Pinap Berries, along the bottom right of the route, past Hiker Alan.
5 Poke balls, next to Youngster Chris.
1 Super Potion, north of Camper Drew.
1 Ether, near Bug Catcher Conner.
1 Super Potion, west of Hiker Jeremy.

Source: https://www.serebii.net/pokearth/kanto/route9.shtml!

In the bottom right of this photo is where the hidden item should be.

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Thanks! The only item I'm having trouble with are the Pinap Berries. Can you post a photo showing where the berries are?
"Also I want photos of where they are so I can find them easily." They added it later, but it seems that they need photos of those items.