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I can't get past the guy by the radiostation. He keeps telling me to go sight seeing ¬_¬ is there another way or do I have to do something to get past him? If it helps I have all the gym bagdes except the one from blackthorn xD

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Assuming you have completed everything there, you have to go through the ice path to get to blackthorn. It's east if mahogany town. There are some ice types obviously who may be of use to you for the next gym. Have you gone through the rocket hideout area with lance? If so, have you beaten team rocket in goldenrod?

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I dident defet them in golden rod xD thanks! I'll go there now :)
As an FYI, they carry even more poison and normal types. You'll have to go to the goldenrod underground and steal a team rocket uniform. You'll have to find a few keys and rescue the president of the tower. You'll also run in with an old "friend." it's basically a bunch of tedious grinding against koffing, rattata, ekans, and other generic pokemon.
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You need to go back to golderod to fight team rocket in the radio tower.To get into the radio tower you must go to the underground tunnel and get swicth into a team rocket uniform.This will allow you to battle the grunt at the radio tower stairs and continue to the top of the tower.

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