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He has really lame stats & is super easy to beat with almost all of the pokemon I train, plus a single move can completely destroy his best strategy. How was he classified( with his PRE evolution) at the same level as ARCEUS!!!???!!!???

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To add on and Clarify Blaziken's answer, with that amount of HP, paired with not-so-good defensive power, he will most likely survive almost any hit, and with this amount of HP that would deal 583*2 if the Sash will activate, thus getting to damage of 1166, and no pokemon has enough HP to take this kind of damage, not even Blissey. His pre-evolution, acts the same way, so that's why it is Uber.

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ok first off he has perfect stats for his strategy high hp+low defences=high power counter/mirror coat.
second what move are you talking about because if arceus was dark and used judgement on him if he held the focus sash then you have a dead aceus then use destiny bond on the next guy thats two gone already.third his abillity (shadow tag)causes you to be stuck fighting him. and finally with use of wynaut
he gets encore making you use the same move over and over so yeh he is well worth being in the uber tier.

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