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I assume it's points for winning battles at the Battle Maison/Resort, but, 2 things, at the battle Resort, is it still limited to Pokes below lvl 50, and how much bp to you get depending on the battle?(The reason I'm asking is because I need an Assault Vest for my future Rhyperior.)

Battle Maison and Resort are for gen 6; is that what you're asking about?
Yeah. I never mentioned not knowing what Gen it was from

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Every battle that you do at the Battle Maison will give you BP, or Battle Points. Usually after a battle you get 1 or 2 BP, but the more battles you do in a row the more BP you can get per battle. After Battle 20 with the Battle Chatelaine, you can start gaining 3 or 4 BP per match.

Any Pokemon can be used as long as they aren't "big legendaries" no matter what level. If they are below Level 50, they will remain at their level.

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And all legendaries aren't allowed?
No, the ones that are allowed are the weaker ones like the Regis, the Beasts, the Birds, [email protected], just whichever ones aren't on the list in the link
Oh, cool.
Wait a minute, the beasts, as in the Ultra Beasts? That's impossible, they didn't exsist yet, are the beasts Suicune, Raikou, and Entei? Also, I'll try to get onto that link.
Yes I mean Entei Raikou Suicune

Although in Gen 7 and 8 the ultra beasts are allowed too