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Before Gen 8, as Rillaboom and Cinderace are broken.

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So you're asking which starter has the best hidden ability that it can make good use of? Best is not very specific, most abilities serve different roles.
Hold on let me redo my question
Why is this Nat Dex AG where legendaries rule the tier?
Which national Dex tier would make it more fair, I'm not super inclined into the National Dex side of competitive
Nat Dex OU should be a pretty viable place for the starters. Cinderace, Mega Blastoise are likely the most viable as they have been suspected and banned to Nat Dex AG. However, they still are bad in AG.

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None of the starters are viable in Nat Dex AG. If you're accounting viability in Nat Dex OU, then it is Greninja-Ash > Rillaboom > Swampert-Mega > Charizard-Mega X & Y > rest unranked.

In case of Nat Dex AG, none of the starters are viable a bit. However, Cinderace, Mega Blaziken, Mega Blastoise have been banned from Nat Dex OU and hence can be considered the most viable.
When speaking in general, low ladder kids love their Cinderace so much. But, really it's terrible and the closest thing you can use is Mega Blastoise, though it's still niche to use over M-Ray.

Tl;dr Mega Blastoise. If not accounting Megas then Cinderace and after that Ash-Greninja.

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NO NO NO!!! Literally almost all low ladder kids in Nat Dex AG have a Greninja it's ridiculous.
me with my natdex battle bond greninja: hecc
It's overrated af.
Yeah lol Kyogre is the better water type albeit a lot slower