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i wanna get premium pass to transfer my Pokemon from gen 7 but I'm afraid that if it runs out my pocket monsters will dip into the cyber void. same applies for bank


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When your pass expires, the Basic Box consists of the 30 Pokemon that were deposited most recently as of that time (counting ones that are currently waiting to be traded through GTS or Wonder Box, as being more recent than anything else, and when a Pokemon is actually traded by any means, its timer is reset to the moment you received the other end of the trade).

You will not be able to see the summaries of anything you had stored in Home and hadn't pulled out by the time your subscription lapsed; such Pokemon are consolidated into a label at the bottom of the screen that says "Pokemon not in Basic Box: ####", telling you the number but no other details about them. These Pokemon will not be deleted, and still count in the formula that determines how many Home points you receive every day, but you won't be able to do anything with those boxes until you renew your subscription, which you're free to start up again at any time.

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This exploit should definitely be noted.
If your pass has run out, and you had more than 30 Pokemon in Pokemon home, you can deposit some of the Pokemon that are in your Basic Box to Swsh, and then in Pokemon Home, if you click on the button that takes you to the eShop to buy the Premium membership, if you go all the way to the end of the purchase, but then go all the way back to Pokemon Home, (by pressing b a lot,) all of the empty spaces in your Pokemon Home will be filled with the Pokemon that were not in your Basic Box.

https://youtu.be/c_ChAKCfjoA link for more info, (I have done this myself and it works)