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Do both hits of Parental Bond have separate chances of activating Focus Band, or only one hit? (This is in USUM if that helps at all)

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Generation II

If the Pokémon holding a Focus Band is hit by a damaging move that would cause it to faint, there is a ~12% (30/256) chance the Focus Band will activate and cause its holder to survive with 1 HP. Focus Band can allow the holder to survive Future Sight. It cannot activate as a result of self-inflicted confusion damage.
If Focus Band activates as a result of a multi-strike move, the holder does not faint from any of the strikes.

Generation V onward

From Generation V on, Focus Band must trigger separately for each strike of a multi-strike move.


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Ok, so a friend of mine just got that unlucky, good to know. thanks for the response
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