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Okay! So I'm doing a Fighting only Hardcore Nuzlocke on White 2 and I'm wondering what are all the Fighting-types you can obtain in-game that is not NFE and without trading from another game/device.

NOT Conkeldurr as you can only obtain it with trades (Please don't suggest Gurdurr as well since its NFE and I'm planning on using a fully-evolved team.)


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Emboar, as a level 5 Tepig from Bianca. Depends on what you rules are about gaining a typing.

Lucario, as a level 5-7 Riolu at Floccesey Ranch.

Scrafty, as a level 17 Scraggy on Route 4, or level 19 at the desert resort entrance.

Heracross, at level 24 in Lostlorn Forest or at level 36-38 on Route 12.

Mienshao, as a level 33-35 Mienfoo on Route 14.

Cobalion, at level 45 on Route 13.

Terrakion, at level 45 on Route 22.

Virizion, at level 45 on Route 11.

Throh, at level 51 on Route 23 in shaking grass, or at level 57 on Route 15 in shaking grass.

Sawk, at level 48-49 on Route 23, or at level 55-57 on Route 23.

Toxicroak, as Croagunk at level 55-56 on Route 8, or at level 55-56 at Icirrus City

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