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What would be the EV spread of the Dewgong? Which Pokemon would be using Freeze-Dry? What would be the EV spread of the attacking Pokemon? What about their IVs?

Your question is basically unanswerable unless you give us more information. Different Pokemon would inflict different amounts of damage.
It looks like they were asking as a whole?
I should've specified I was just talking about how much Thick Fat Dewgong would resist Freeze-dry, not the exact damage output
@JustATypicalPerson my mistake, sorry.

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Type-wise, it will show up as a neutral hit (2 for Water x ½ for Ice = 1), which you can tell either by the sound of the hit or the lack of an effectiveness message afterward. However, Thick Fat acts as a multiplier of ½ on the Special Attack stat for the duration of that move, so it will only hit half as hard as a move of a type that truly had no interactions here, like Mist Ball.

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