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Ferrothorn is one of the most used Pokemon in competitive battling so I would like to know what are some of the best ways to counter it (movesets, pokemon, teams etc.)


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Umm... What the heck was that about up top?

Anyway, The counter is obvious!

Fire and Fighting.

This being so, Either works, but its easiest to just carry both, or a pokemon with a fire move.

Also, Ferrothorn may have crazy defenses, but his special defense is lower than his Defense, so a good Special Fire type move such as flamethrower will be able to easily wipe him out.

In other words, just have a Special Attacking pokemon , who has atleast 1 fire move, ( Flamethrower is my most reccomended ) And you should be good to go.

Also make sure to carry something to deal with the weather, as Ferrothorn is a very common pokemon to use under the rain, as it turns his 4X fire weakness into a 2X, making it more difficult to take down.
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Any Fire/fighting types are good counters. Chandelure, Volcarona are all good.

Moveset for Chandelure is here.

Moveset for Volcarona is here.

Darmanitan also works fine as well with Blaziken and Infernape.

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