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I have a Ferrothorn and a Swampert on my team. Ferrothorn is to set up spikes and leech seed, and Swampert sets up stealth rock and then tank with curse. They both are good with leftovers, but I can only have one. I was thinking to put leftovers on Swampert, and Rocky Helmet on Ferrothorn. Would this be smart? Thanks in advance!


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That is fine! Rocky Helmet with Iron Barbs cuts a good amount of HP off your opponent every time they attack you! But if you'd rather Leftovers on both your Ferrothorn and Swampert, there is a way to get another Leftovers in the game!
You must trade with someone in-game in Undella Bay during the Summer time only.
You trade a Mincinno for a Munchlax holding Leftovers with that person, than there you go, you have two Leftovers!

Thanks for the help! I will get the extra leftovers, but, this is a wifi team, so I can only use one of each item. Thanks!
Oh l see! Good luck battling!