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I didn’t burn or overflow my mixture at all. The time was 0.57.03, and it says Foul Poffin Lv. 02 X 04. I’m not sure why it ended up this way. I think I had a leppa berry, two sitrus, and a chesto. Send help


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The Leppa Berry's stats are 10 for all but Dry.
The Sitrus Berry's stats are 10 for all but Spicy.
The Chesto Berry's stat is only 10 for Dry.

So, the total stats for the Poffin would be 20 for Dry, 10 for Spicy, 20 for Sweet, 20 for Bitter, and 20 for Sour.

According to a video from Austin John Plays, at timestamp 8:06 he says "Never cook two of the same Poffin". In this case, 2 of the same berries.

To prevent this issue, I'd suggest adding 4 different berries to make your Poffins.

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So, what exactly was the issue? The double berry, or the stat spread?
Double berry mostly. If you want a specific type of Poffin try putting in berries that Specialize in that sort of attribute.
I was hoping to get a mixed Poffin to boost all stats, if those are even a thing lol. Thanks!