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Trying to evolve my Feebas with Dry poffins, and it turns out only 1 Chesto Berry per poffins wasn't strong enough to max out it's beauty. Will poffins made from a Chesto + Oran Berry be enough to max out that stat?

tl;dr the rarer the berry the better.
I made approx 10 Chesto + Wiki poffins (no spills/burns) which was enough to evolve Feebas, but they're definitely not the most effective berries.
What about Chesto + Oran? I have plenty of Orans and Chestos but only around 4 Wikis

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These are the most efficient poffins you can make, assuming you have access to all the berries (though some of them can only be obtained by talking to an NPC once per day, or talking to your following Pokemon):

If you only care about the beauty stat and nothing else, Apicot-Micle-Pamtre-Kebia is the most effective combo listed there, which will only need 2 such poffins to get the beauty stat high enough for evolution, or 3 will be more than enough to max the stat outright. Apicot-Micle-Pamtre-Charti or Apicot-Micle-Pamtre-Ganlon are worth slightly more beauty (at the expense of other stats), but it's not a big enough difference to change that you still need two of them for evolution or three for max beauty.

Chesto + Oran with no other berries will only have an efficiency of about 1.0: beauty is the only stat those poffins raise, and both beauty and sheen will increase by about the same amount. This will be good enough to max out beauty (or at least come close enough for practical purposes), but again, you make no progress on the other stats in case you ever want to care about them. Using only relatively common berries, the Chesto-Oran-Wiki-Razz combo should max out beauty in about six poffins (or hit the Feebas evolution threshold in 4, maybe 5 if they all took the full minute to cook), but they're light enough that the sheen will be less than halfway full after doing so, and you have some room left to make poffins for other stats too.

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I did the Chesto-Oran-Wiki combo and maxed out beauty in about 7-8 poffins but hopefully this answer will help others looking to evolve their Feebas as efficient as possible, thank you!