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I want a Hidden Ability Sableye, but there's no good way to get it except by SOS chaining. The only problem is that the Sableye attack the carbine that summon it, and Sableye can't call more Sableye. Is there any way around this, or is there an easier way? I'm thinking maybe I could imprison all of the damaging moves off of it on turn 1, then use Skill Swap or whatever to find it's ability. The game is Ultra Sun.

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I SOS chained Carbink for a Sableye on my UM because I needed it for the Pokédex. I found a shiny Carbink before I found a single Sableye. Keep that in mind if you choose to go this way.

If you have another game, it would be easier to HA hunt in ORAS. It’s a version exclusive I believe, but you could DexNav chain the HA there.

Otherwise, SOS and skill swap might be the best way to hunt it though.
Sableye is a 10% chance, so Ty you were really unlucky.

What do you want to use the Sableye for? It is much easier to get one in SwSh if that were to benefit you
I thought it was 1% with the luck I was having lol. My SOS luck is terrible
So I'm doing this to fight my brother in USM, and have no home or bank. I did attempt this once, and stopped when I found a shiny as well

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What you can do is Skill Swap Telepathy onto the original Carbink, such as by using Beheeyem, then any Sableye it calls in will be unable to hurt it while you have time to check Sableye's ability, even if you leave Carbink in red HP for maximum call rate.

If you're doing this, it's best to do so at Ten Carat Hill, because in Vast Poni Canyon the Carbinks know Skill Swap and can get rid of the Telepathy you give them, and they also have fewer PP there at the higher levels so you'll have to switch sides more often.

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Thank you, you're a lifesaver!!!!!