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i looked at Larvesta's information on this site and i don't know how to get it as a gift ?
Do i have to defeat the elite 4 first or something else ?

I would appreciate if someone could tell me thank you

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2 Answers

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You can get by gift once you get surf....

Go to route 1 and got to the area where theres water....

There should be a path with one trainer (youll have to battle him or her font remember)

After that you have to surf around sand areas there should be a mountain

Go to the house after surfing around go up the stairs there should be a small house go in you will see i think like 4 people...

Talk to the pokemon ranger in the end of the bunk bed....

He SHOULD give you the egg...

Larvesta takes FOREVER to hatch be ready!!!!!!!

Bring a volcarona over with flame body
Or just go catch a volcarona in the desert ruins. The entrance to its "room" is on the bottom floor, but there is really weird maze thing that you'll have to go through.
litwick also has flame body :)
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You start in Nuvema Town,surf a little,battle a DUDE,surf some more,sorry I dont know the exact location,but the house looks like the ones from Route 4,go inside,talk to the ranger,he'll give you the egg if you have an empty spot in your party,surf (or fly) back to Nuvema Town,and I went from Nuvema Town to the Badge Check Gates,and back and it stil didn't hatch,and if you want MORE larvesta eggs (most people wont),HAVE THE LARVESTA WITH YOU!!! Dont forget the repels or it will thake even longer!

-reshiramgirl555 (I had to right the whole think twice because my computer was screwed!)