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Can anyone give me STEP BY STEP HELP with doing Ranger 3 events? I downloaded Shaymin, Heatran and Deoxys event, befriended Shaymin and what? Do I need more people to do Deoxys event? Do I need more DSs to send them to main games?

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this is a very useful question to new ranger players

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you need at least 2 people for the deoxys event and need 2 DSs to transfer and go to the ranger net menu to start the missions and then it will teach you how to transfer them into Hg/SS/D/P/Pt after capture

( note: the missions "pledge to arceus" and "find giratina's griseous orb!" do not allow arceus or giratina to be transferred. but do them anyway because they are cool. :) )

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