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In this video at 11:54, the guy ends up in a location in platinum that I've never encountered before. What is this place?

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The place he goes to is at what time of the video?
Ah hell. I forgot that somehow. It was at 11:54. I edited it in

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The Poffin House is also here, where Coordinators can bake Poffins to boost their Pokémon's condition for Pokémon Super Contests, either alone or through DS Wireless Communications with people nearby. Up to four people may bake at a time. The Poffin House is located west of the Poké Mart where the player can make Poffins, which are the replacement of Pokéblocks from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

This is the Poffin House located in Hearthome City, west of the city's Pokemart.

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So that's what RT games said. Thanks