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In the poketch app it said my budew had 0 hearts, it was neutral when click and holding the cursor over it and when I held it slightly further away it would run away. Unlike the prinplup and 2 others that would move towards it with 2 hearts.

Budew then proceeded to evolve at level 25 into roselia, which shouldn't be possible at 0 hearts. Apparently 2 hearts are needed to evolve it.

Also, the high friendship messages that appear with the other Pokemon didn't appear with the budew and certainly not with the roselia.

Update: After turning the game off and on, it turns out that the roselia actually has 2 hearts. Seems to be a bug that occurred.

Source: https://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-diamond-pearl-platinum-version/How_to_Evolve_Budew

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Did you try using the friendship checker after evolving the Roselia?
What level was Budew when you first checked?
It is still a roselia, but I used the friendship checker after evolving it into a roselia, same thing.
I checked the budew after every battle at levels from 20 to 24. no change.
Here’s the video he sent me of Roselia refusing to vibe into the friendship checker


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Several Pokémon evolve after being leveled up when their friendship value is 220 or higher (before Generation VIII) or 160 or higher (Generation VIII).

Also yes there probably was a bug with the Poketch not updating.

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