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My cousin is playing triple battles on his pokemon white against random people on wi-fi.
When he tries to send out his pokemon he often has problem sending out his pokemon.
What happens is when he tries to shift his pokemon it just turn back to the menu where you choose the pokemon.
Usually he manages to send his pokemon after a while but its still annoying.
Do anyone know what the problem is?


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Yes. I was wondering too, but I learned when I tried to ask the same quesiion, but the same thing came up except double battle version~!

The first Pokemon you try to replace, you tap it and if it says somthing like "Hydreigon can't be switched out!", then you need to tap a pokemon that fainted to replace, The selected pokemon will be in the same postition as the one you replaced. Same goes for the second pokemon. On the third, you tap it and the game automatically puts that pokemon in the last postition in the battle feild.

Hope this helps...

Thanks :D
No worries :)