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I don't particularly like the look of pokemon black & white, but i was just wondering what exactly is the dream world and what does it do your pokemon's ability?


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It's not what Dream World does to your Pokemon's ability, but the Pokemon you meet that have special abilities only obtainable through the Dream World!
Registering your Black and White game into the website allows you to go to the Dream World online, where you play games, get items, and meet Pokemon with special abilities that are only obtainable through it!
After playing a mini-game with them, you are able to "wake up" your Pokemon sent from your game via Wi-fi, and you will receive anything you have obtained playing in Dream World such as berries, and the Pokemon you encountered! You may encounter more than one, but you will only be able to choose one.

You can do this as many times as you wish (as long as the site isn't under maintenance, every Tuesday, and various other maintenances)

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Dream World is a place your pokemon dream about after they go to sleep. Dream world is a website created by Nintendo that allows you to sync your game to the website. There are four places you can go to, your berry garden, house berry shelf and the island of dreams.

Berry garden- is a place you can plant your berries where they will grow and create more berries.
Berry Shelf- is a place where you can display your berries and where other users and trade your berries.
House- Is your house. You can use berries to decorate the inside of your house with rugs, chairs, tables, ect.
Island of Dreams is a place where you can find berries and meet pokemon. The pokemon you meet thee will want to play a mini-game with you. If you make them happy enough(which isn't hard) they will befriend you. After you reach the tree of Dreams(or something like that) you can place a berry as sort of a offering where you can send one of the pokemon you met back to the game.

No you can't send pokemon to the Dream world and get their abilities changed.