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this might have been asked before but i cant find it so
what would happen if you had 2 pokemon with either aqua jet quick attack sucker punch extremespeed and any other attack first move and all there stats were the same same evs ivs abilities everything is the same and they both used one of those moves what would happen?

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In generations one to four, extreme speed has the same priority as the other moves. In generation five, extreme speed has a+ 2 priority instead of + 1 like aqua jet, etc. If two moves of the same priority go, the pokemon with the higher speed stat would go first. If they have the same speed stat and the same priority move was used, then it will be randomized who goes first. Hope this helps!

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I think it will be randomized, which Pokemon will go first.

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Yes it is randomized. That is what's called a "Speed Tie".