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I tried using spore on a 5* Appletun twice and it didn’t give me any message other than it was used, but it didn’t fall asleep. Do status moves not really work in high ranked raids?

I think grass Pokemon became immune to spore in one of the past few generations.
Shoot, I’m silly. I thought since it was a dragon type, that would’ve been nullified
If it was Tera Dragon, it would have lost Grass type's immunity to powder moves along with the extra Ice weakness.  You keep your STAB bonuses, and lose all other benefits and weaknesses when you Tera away from a typing.

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Hey there. With Appletun being a Dragon Tera type, Spore would not have failed for typing reasons.

Status moves will fail in a Tera battle against a Tera Pokémon if they have their Tera Shield up, which is possibly what happened in your scenario.

Alternatively, it may have woken up immediately due to all turns taking place at once. If you put it to sleep and your allies were attacking, it would have just woken up by the time the "round" concluded.

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Ever since XY, all Grass-types are immune to powder-based moves, including Spore.

Is this true even though this appletun was Dragon type?
It doesn't matter if it has a secondary type or what that type is: as long as *either* type is Grass, it's good enough to earn the protection.
was the apple a tera type dragon or tera type grass cause i'm pretty sure it would work if it was tera type dragon
If it was Tera Dragon then the Grass immunity to powder moves doesn't apply.  You lose all secondary benefits of any typings you used to have along with their weaknesses.  Only the STAB bonus is retained.

More relevant to answering the question, most status effects aren't valuable in Raids.  Paralysis and Burn are pretty useful, due to the chance for the Pokemon to not attack or to reduce their physical Attacking power (respectively), and the 1 time I saw a Freeze was incredible, but Sleep and Confusion don't seem to matter at all.  For Sleep, because it attacks all 4 Pokemon every round I think Sleep will only "block" those 1 to 3 attacks, resulting in you getting hit regardless (while ally Pokemon are not).  And I have yet to see a Raid Pokemon hurt itself in confusion.