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I don't know what type it is, or what the power is. Could someone please figure it out? I heard it has to do with a bunch of calculations and stuff that I don't know how to do.

Here are my stats:

HP - 382
Attack - 240
Defense - 187
Sp. Attack - 367
Sp. Defense - 189
Speed - 265

There are places where you can go and find out in the game,
but if you want us to tell you, you have to also tell its nature, EV you gave, and level and what pokemon it is, and level

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You can check what Hidden Power type your Kyurem has by going to the Mistralton City Pokemon center. Simple as that :)

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Same as that,but talk to the guy near the Nurse. He will ask you to show him the pokemon you want to know the type of its hidden power.

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Its in Mistralton City,and Its the guy in the green shirt that tells you the hidden power your Pokemon has. You show him your Pokemon and he`ll say "If this Pokemon were to learn hidden power,the powers type would be ...!"

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I checked,and it IS in Mistralton City.