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I understand that they can be fused and unfused at will with the DNA thing but can I have completely different moves on Zekrom and Kyurem? and whose moves will be available when in the form of black Kyurem?

Then when they are unfused are any moves (like freeze shock) that have been learnt in the fused state returned to the unfused state? If so are those moves Zekroms? or Kyurems?

someone please tell me how this works :)



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When unfusing, Freeze Shock / Ice Burn will revert to Glaciate. The Fusion moves will revert to Scary Face. Zekrom / Reshiram will get the moveset before fusing. If you replaced Glaciate or Fusion Bolt / Flare, the moves will not change.

For example:

Kyurem: Glaciate, Dragon Pulse, Scary Face, Earth Power
Zekrom: Fusion Bolt, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, Crunch

Kyurem-B: Freeze Shock, Dragon Pulse, Fusion Bolt, Earth Power

Kyurem: Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, Earth Power
Reshiram: Fusion Flare, Dragon Claw, Overheat, Flame Charge

Kyurem-W: Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast , Earth Power

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