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I do not know of the exact proces in which the fusion occurs but would kyurem be shiny because reshiram and zekrom were shiny?

ALSO(just thought of this) would zekrom and reshiram still be shiny after they are seperated?

What about if one is shiny and one is not :O
I dunno.

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The answer to this is that if the Kyurem is shiny, then the Kyurem-B/W will be shiny. Almost everything comes from Kyurem: EVs, IVs, Level, and Shininess. And if separated, they will be shiny, as long as the two Pokemon that were being fused are shiny.

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Do you have a source?
it's ok if you don't ;)
I have the emulator myself. I got Shiny Kyurem and fused it with Zekrom with the DNA link.
Soft resets ftw?
Yep. :D
I dunno
I don't get it JK I get it hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Can shiny kyurem in black and white 2 be determined before or after the fight with it ?
Ask on a separate question, not a really old one where its really unlikely you'll get a response.
Same applies to Calyrex and Necrozma