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I'm trying to get 6 Gholdengo, and I need just one more chest. And since they have a low chance to respawn, knowing if I missed a chest would help me out greatly.

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Their are 25 Chest in Total Scattered around Paldea, mostly hidden in Ruins, Towers, and other high points. Here is a list of known locations:

  1. South Province Area 1, Cliff next to the Lighthouse you climb with Nemona at the Start of the game.
  2. South Province Area 4, Watchtower southeast of Cortondo.
  3. South Province Area 2, Watchtower East of Cortondo.
  4. Atop the Leaking Tower of Paldea, North of Alfornado.
  5. West Province Area 1, Watchtower North of the Pokémon Center.
  6. Asado Desert, Atop the rock formation near the south-center of the Desert.
  7. Asado Desert, in Ruins northeast of the Asado Watchtower.
  8. Island West of Port Marinado, need swimming ability to reach.
  9. Atop Casseroya Watchtower #1.
  10. Casseroya, Ruins between Watchtower 1 and 2.
  11. Atop Casseroya Watchtower #2
  12. Atop Casseroya Watchtower #3
  13. Soccarat Trail, Near the top of the rock formation.
  14. Glaseado Mountain, Near Waterall west of Montenevera.
  15. Dalizapa Pass, Ruins atop of the area.
  16. Atop Glaseado Mountain Watchtower
  17. Atop North Province Area 1 Watchtower
  18. North Province Area 1, Ruins on the southwest.
  19. North Province Area 2, small island hidden in the rock formation.
  20. Atop East Province Area 3 Watchtower.
  21. East Province Area 2, Cliff overlooking the Team Star Fire Base.
  22. Inside Collonade Hollow, along the ascending path.
  23. Atop East Province Area 1 Watchtower.
  24. Atop South Province Area 3 Watchtower.
  25. Atop South Province Area 5 Watchtower.


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