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I'm trying to befreind that Kirlia and to do that I need to open ALL of the treasure chests in the park. Picture of them would be nice, but they aren't needed. Btw: Are the treasure chests in the obstacle course needed?

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I'll answer because I want to help another person who feels my pain. Countless hours on the Wii here I come :P
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Cove Area, Seasong Beach:

1) On the deck near Cove Town
2) In the caves to the left, Watchog is guarding it

Cove Area, Cove Town:

1) Corphish territory
2) Kecleon's hideout

Arbor Area, Windmill Way:

1) Amoonguss hideout

Arbor Area, Verdant Court:

1) Middle of lake

Arcane Area, Lakeshore:

1) Reshiram's shrine

Crag Area, Rockridge Fort:

1) Inside small cave behind berry tree
2) Braviary peak behind berry tree

Crag Area, Colosseum:

1) Munna's house
2) Tournament stands

Tech Area, Train Depot:

1) On top of trains
2) To the left of the entrance to Unawarehouse

Tech Area, Unawarehouse:

1) Near train on top of crates
2) Tech rooms near Duskinor and a small floating chests (there are 2)

Tech Area, Sciencetorium:

1) None

Source: Me running all of Pokèpark
Tell me if I'm missing any
P.S. the ones in the mazes don't count

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You forgot the one watchog was guarding
you are missing the watchog one where you avoid his attacks.
There's also another one in the tech area, unawarehouse. It is in the "sewers" where a duskull is at along with the treasure chest. To get to it, you have to use tepig's heat crash in the corner of the unawarehouse where a fire symbol is located. (similar looking to the one in rockridge Fort to get into the entrance of the Colosseum.