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Cool Chest (R)
Dainty Chest (R)
Cute Chest (R)
Sinister Chest (R)
Hard Chest (B)
Heavy Chest (B)
Light Chest (B)
Deluxe Chest (Y)
Glittery Chest (Y)
Gorgeous Chest (Y)
Shiny Chest (Y)

What can come in each one of the chests?

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In the Generation IV games, treasure boxes can contain different kinds
of items that range from common food items to rare trade items that
can be swapped in the Croagunk Swap Shop. They have to be appraised
first at Xatu Appraisal located at Treasure Town before one can obtain
the hidden item within the box. In certain dungeons, such as Zero
Island North, Zero Island East, Zero Island West, and Zero Island
South, there will be locked sections in which one must use a key to
obtain the box. There may also be water blocking the box. These boxes
will hold items such as legendary specialized items and Wonder Gummis.
All boxes, with the exception of end-of-the-dungeon Deluxe Boxes and
locked room boxes have random contents, though certain items will be
unlocked as the game continues.

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So it contains blue items and gummis?
Blue items are those ''rare trade items''.
Yeah, they can contain those, but as stated, any box other than "end-of-dungeon" Deluxe Boxes and locked room boxes can have any random item in.
so any chests that pokemons drops, can have any random item in and all chests at the end of the dungeon can have great and special items? ok thanks!