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Opponents: Golurk, Hydreigon, and Lucario

I can easily take down Golurk and Hydreigon but when it comes to Lucario I can't hit him without him getting off a move on me :/

I'm sticking with Pikachu because I need his Iron Tail for Hydreigon. I need some help with finding partners and how to dodge him.(Just a bit to fast :/)

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I have no clue about this game, and you probably already know this but if you don't, it might help:

"When you enter the Battle Tournament, you have the ability to select two Helper Pokémon. Similar to how they would come in a pinch during normal battles, these Pokémon will come in and attack the enemy, doing damage while they go. This is a useful tactic when you the Pokémon is much greater in power and HP to have some back up to knock some out. To activate them, all you have to do is press the A Button at any time. This calls them into battle and they shall quickly attack, do the damage, and then leave. You can only use each backup Pokémon once per round, and you cannot skip one to get to the other one."

Just a suggestion, sorry if this is no use to you whatsoever.
Yup sorry I already knew this. :/
No problem XD
-_- I've been trying to beat Lucario for ages, and I still haven't figured it out.

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Well Lucario can't be easily dodged and like Adam said I would recommend using helping Pokemon that have a disadvantage to it. As you said Pikachu can handle Golurk and Hydreigon very well without even receiving a scratch but Luacrio is a real pain. So I checked for a Video on YouTube were someone was able to beat Lucario very easily be using Sawk and Lucario as his/her 2 helper Pokemon who both did a lot of damage to Lucario and left the job very easy for Pikachu

Lucario is a little too fast to dodge but Skipping with Pikachu can always give you a little more time to dodge though attacking right after it has been weakened looks like the best option after what was seen on the video

Hope this was of any use to you

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I'll try them out but they didn't seem to be doing as much damage as I was hoping for :/ As for side stepping I can't really do that because my hands don't work like that xD It happens but by accident and even if I wanted to I can never side step >.<
oh kk, sorry :P