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I've been trying to catch lucario in Pokemon shuffle but either time its 3 shakes then it escapes or 1 shake then escapes i've been trying to catch it for days but it never works please help me


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It's all based on luck, friend.

If you want tips for beating Expert stages:

• Make as many matches as possible, as fast as possible. Lucario has one of the longest times at 2:00, so take advantage of that.
• Be smart with your Megas. I personally used Mega Lopunny to catch him. Try lining them up like so ([L]= Lopunny, [0]= other Pokémon):

[L] [L] [0] [L] [L]

Then drag a fifth Lopunny into the center to effectively clear five rows. If you are using Mega Kangaskhan, then do the same thing but vertically. Those are probably the best Megas outside of maybe Slowbro for catching Lucario.
• Use types to your advantage. Catch Pokémon like Chatot, Espurr and Mew that can deal heavy damage to Lucario. If you have a Flying or Psychic Mega, use that.
Don't stress if you lose.Just keep trying. You'll get faster and faster and eventually you'll end up with a decent catch rate. Also, your Pokémon still gain Exp from a defeat, so use this as an opportunity to grind levels.
• Trust the RNG. I caught Lucario with a 17% catch rate; it's all based on luck.

I got a 1 shake at a 1% charizard
3 shakes + capture at 3% Blastoise baybeeeee
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get every power up and you're sure to catch it, but don't get +10 seconds since it doesn't increase your catch percentage instead go for mega boost slowbro if you have if not kangaskhan would do good too. go for disruption delay if you feel thats whats slowing you down the most and get complesity but it's really expensive so I wouldn't really recommend it and get swellow, slowbro, slurpuff and azumarill and you could almost guareentee capture.

hope this helped! :D

well first of all i cant defeat mega slowbro its to bulky and seccondi only have 300 coins
and seccond my team is mew lvl5 espurr lvl5 pidgeotto lvl2 and mega kanghaskahn lvl5 soo it sucks
I would also suggest using a great ball if possible since it doubles the chance of a capture when a Pokemon escapes, but it costs 2500 so
The capture rate for Lucario is based at 1%, I beat it with 13 seconds to spare and it raised to 3%. A Great Ball would be a waste of money in that scenario.