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I've been stuck on Mega Mawile (Stage 90) all day today and did some research, which led me to learn that either Lucario or Charizard would be very helpful for beating the demon. I tried facing both, and Lucario looks to be much easier than Charizard, with me beating it once or twice (but not catching it). So, I would like to know what my team should be for catching Lucario, or where I should train to be able to beat it.

My Pokemon:
Italics mean they can Mega Evolve.

lvl 1 Pidgey
lvl 1 Meowstic Female
lvl 1 Togepi
lvl 1 Togetic
lvl 1 Bonsly
lvl 1 Vaporeon
lvl 1 Umbreon
lvl 1 Liepard
lvl 1 Nidoran Male
lvl 1 Buneary
lvl 1 Lopunny
lvl 1 Azurill
lvl 1 Azumarill
lvl 1 Vulpix
lvl 1 Swellow
lvl 1 Lapras
lvl 1 Minccino
lvl 1 Axew
lvl 1 Buizel
lvl 1 Dratini
lvl 1 Amaura
lvl 1 Snorunt
lvl 1 Gulpin
lvl 1 Miltank
lvl 1 Cottonee
lvl 1 Spinda
lvl 1 Celebi (I was surprised I caught it too)
lvl 2 Charmander
lvl 2 Eevee
lvl 2 Flaaffy
lvl 2 Swablu
lvl 2 Nidoran Female
lvl 2 Litwick
lvl 2 Chingling
lvl 2 Masquerain
lvl 2 Slowbro
lvl 2 Corsola
lvl 2 Chatot
lvl 2 Hawlucha
lvl 2 Mawile
lvl 2 Gastly
lvl 2 Mienfoo
lvl 3 Squirtle
lvl 3 Mareep
lvl 3 Swirlix
lvl 3 Illumise
lvl 4 Bulbasaur
lvl 4 Espurr
lvl 4 Phanpy
lvl 4 Sableye
lvl 5 Audino
lvl 5 Klefki
lvl 5 Kangaskhan

PS: Not sure if italics will work on Audino for whatever reason.

EDIT: So, I managed to do the same team that I got when optimized, but decided to put in Celebi instead of Swellow. I got 32ish % on my first try, thought I could do better, so I didn't use a Great Ball on it. Now I'm unfortunately getting 1% or sometimes not even winning. I'm stupid, aren't I?

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Lucario is listed under fighting type. Therefore, the only super effective types with be flying, psychic, and fairy.

First, the best Pokemon to have as a mega right now, is Slowbro. You should really practice on previous stages to level it up and make it stronger - or leave it (your choice)

Next, the 3 support Pokemon. I can't calculate exactly what damage each Pokemon does, but it seems like your 3 best Pokemon are azumarill, celebi, and swirlix. (These might not be your strongest, but you should choose the 3 types suggested and go on with that).

Now, using these Pokemon, challenge lucario once. Determine how fast you can beat if. If you can't, you know that you would have to buy power ups (from the store - using coins), or go challenge previous Pokemon to make them stronger - exp. boost will help. If you can beat him - but in a short time - don't worry. The point is, try to get lots of high combos. This way, even if your capture rate is between 30%-40%, don't use a great ball - unless you want to. Because of this, your chances are much higher to receive it, but it might take some practice - that takes a while. But, this also saves you a lot of coins.

This is my personal strategy. But, you can add extra or adjust it - doesn't matter with me.

Hope I helped! :)

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