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I have tried. And tried. And tried and tried and tried and tried. To no avail. That demonic smile and those void eyes keep taunting me. I use my unstoppable ghostbusting team of a Lv. 6 Mega Sableye, Lv. 4 Chandelure, Lv. 2 Sharpedo, and Lv. 5 Gengar. But I struggle to get it below half health before my 20 turns are up, and Sableye usually Mega Evolves on Turn 16 and can't get anything done. I tried a lot of different boosts, including Mega Start, but whenever I get a really good combo Gengar freezes the middle two rows and I can't get the combo anymore, forcing me to make weak little combos of three. Please help!


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Oh, man. I feel you there. I was stuck on this for a very long time, but I got through it by pure luck.

When most people have these kinds of problems, they usually go all out on items. I suggest using Complexity -1, Mega Start, Disruption Delay, Attack Power Plus (optional) and Moves +5 (optional). They usually get you through any stage without much problems, but you'll have to use them together at one time.

Hope I helped!

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I only have 1600 coins... But thanks anyways! I'll save up, and in the meantime keep level grinding on the Victini stage.