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So, I downloaded this free-to-play game a couple of days ago and have made it to level 40 with a decent amount of Pokemon. Each time I face Marill, however, I lose. I need some advice on what my team should be.

My Pokemon:
-Bulbasaur (level 3)
-Charmander (level 2)
-Squirtle (level 3)
-Pidgey (level 1)
-Espurr (level 4)
-Togepi (level 1)
-Eevee (level 2)
-Audino (level 5-mega)
-Mareep (level 1)
-Swablu (level 1)
-Phanpy (level 3)
-Nidoran Female (level 2)
-Buneary (level 1)
-Klefki (level 4)
-Kangaskhan (level 3-mega)
-Azurill (level 1)
-Litwick (level 1)
-Chingling (level 2)
-Swirlix (level 2)
-Illumise (level 2)
-Sableye (level 2-mega)
-Corsola (level 1)
-Spinda (level 1 @ Safari Zone)

EDIT: For whatever reason, the great comments on this post weren't visible to me on the day I asked this question, but I have managed to beat Marill through luck on my next attempt of it. So thanks for your help anyways!

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He's a fairy right?
Yes, Marill is Fairy.

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So here are a few tips.
Your team should be: M-Kanga, Klefki, Nidoran-F, and the highest attack power Pokemom for the last slot.
You should only use the Nidoran and Klefki, because they are super effective.
Try to make a 4 or 5 row of Pokemon, or if you can't, then try to make a match on both ends of your match when you switch the two Pokemon. Also, you can make L shapes and crosses in however many amount.
Try not to use any non-effective Pokemon. Super effective types are Poison and Steel.
You can also watch YouTube tutorials, they may help a bit.
Hope I helped!

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There are very common ways and popular strategies to face and faint a Pokemon on Pokemon Shuffle.
First, choose your Pokemon. Marill is a fairy type, so choose types that are strong against him. I'm assuming your audino is you highest level mega-pokemon. The other Pokemon you should use are klefki, nidoran (female) and use your next strongest Pokemon.
To beat him, you should try to play the board out in your head so you can beat him. Marill is very weak so you should be able to defeat him with your limited amount of moves. If you don't want to spend money on disruptions, try to level up your Pokemon in previous stages - maybe with the help of exp. boost. Many people think he's frustrating, but they don't think time to plan it out - they get so caught up in the fact they continue to lose. So remember, plan it out.

Her is a video on a way to beat marill:

Hope I helped! :)