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is it mystery gift? or how?
I have the PKMN Black American Version


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It is an not a Mystery Gift, but you can obtain it by buying a copy of Pokemon Black and White on Target(the store). It will include a code for you to obtain the Lucario.


Lucky for me there was a glitch in the DW and I got it anyway :D
Nice :)
Though it might have been that I did the European one some how? All I know is that I have a DW Lucario from an event XD
Yeah, that's what matters xD
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There may be an event some time to get a Lucario or something but not now. Right now you got 8 days left to get a DARKRAI for your pokemon black/white version. This will only go on till June 10th 2012. There was a Mewtwo event, but I got the memo too late :( Eh my friend hacked his game a bit and was able to make his mewtwo a lvl 100. It was soooo cool. Sorry off topic XD So yea if theres a Lucario event I wanna get it. (if you want Darkrai do the same thing with the mystery gifts and stuff :P