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Abundant Shrine
You need Surf and Waterfall. From Route 14, find the karate guy on the bridge over the river. Go left and up the waterfall, then up another waterfall above you. Then go left and down the waterfall across there. Follow the path left to Abundant Shrine.

Giant Chasm
It's to the east of Lacunosa Town, but there is a boulder in the way. You need to basically loop around. Go down on Route 13 then down the steps to the left and back along the beach, then north on the water and up the steps the other side. Use Strength on the boulder to make a shortcut.

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First go to the town near the elite four. Go to the Gate on the right Enter Now go look for some stairs.
Once found go down Go To the end of the small beach (to teh right) There should be some bould Use Surf to get around them.Then its starite Forawrd...Bring Lv 55 and up

That was for Giant Chasm (You can find Kyhorem there ;p)

:( sorry never been to Abundant shrine (i think ;p)

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You mispelled Kyruem